Laura Bennett Design
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Egidio font & installation

I created this font was while living in Florence - inspired by the simplistic yet rich beauty of Italian culture. This display type was designed with a slight vertical stress. This correlates to the many uneven lines in an ancient Italian city - whether it be streets that cross at anything but a right angle, uneven floors, walls or doorframes, or the small and unreliable sidewalks - it seems there isn't a straight line in Tuscany. The thin, basic serif gives the font a classic yet impactful look. Egidio became two works under the same inspiration and concpet.

Phase 1: Type designed as a display serif for use on a set of travel postcards.


Phase 2
Foam, Plaster, Light

Installation work: 5'
Nashville, TN 5th Ave. Arcade Gallery

This work deals with the basis of my everyday experience living in Florence. Contemplating my expectations vs. my customary lifestyle, I began admiring things about the Italian culture that typically annoyed my American-self. 'EGIDIO', set in all Magiscule characters is a work based off my font design I created, inspired by the linear disorder of the capital of Tuscany; whether it be erratic streets, uneven terra-cotta floors, or the small and unreliable sidewalks. Not yet a full typeface, the thin display serif will soon be available for purchase online.